Higatrec is an electric and IoT multifunctioning training machine. Using computer-controlled motors instead of steel plates it has an original and unique weight loading system fully approved by scientific proof.
You can save and load your setting data to the machine easily and precisely.

Higatrec Efficiency First Concept

'Efficiency first' is the base concept of Higatrec. With Higatrec you can expect far better effect of your strength training in drastically shorter period of time.
Our innovative concept and advanced technology are rated highly and actually won the Innovation Award Honoree of CES 2020.

POINT01Computer-controlled motors produce the load weight

What is Higatrec? In very short we can call it an electric Smith's Machine. However you can find no heavy steel plates with Higatrec. Instead the motors produce the load weight. Those motors are sophisticatedly controlled by our original computer program. It always gives you the best load weight at any stage of your workout. As a result you can expect an extremely high efficiency. The advanced technology of Higatrec counts in this point. Because you are always given the best load weight you only need 5 reps in 1 set of workout. Squat, bench press, or whatever. Yes, with Higatrec 5 reps are more than enough.

Higatrec has mainly 3 characteristic functions.

POINT02See how your workout is going.

Higatrec shows how your workout is going on the LED panel on both sides and a display. You can understand if you are doing well or not on time. If you are producing your maximum power or if you are performing in a correct manner.
This helps you a lot especially in eccentric moves. you can know all the information instinctively thanks to the long and bright LED. If you are performing well the LED turns red. You can make amend and improve how to perform even during one set.
Display is an optional.

POINT03No assists required and safe.

Higarec has an excellent safety as a training machine. You don't have change the plates. Taking long and exhausting and causing injuries. No more. You can set up the correct load weight once you check your power output before the workout.
Higatrec has a few safety measures. The bar never comes down lower than the position you set. If you release your hands during workout you have no risk the bar drops and crush. During the setting process the bar stops if it senses a certain power, which means if you manipulate incorrectly you have no danger being crumped by the bar.
Without any assistance you can train very safely all alone.

POINT04Save your setting data and training record on our cloud

Higatrec is connected to the internet and an IoT machine itself. Your setting data and training records are saved in our cloud. You can use your setting data next time you train with Higatrec. Just log in to the machine before starting your workout.
You don't have to enter the numbers or the dates yourself to save the records .You can check your training record on the website whenever you want and you can know your body in correct numbers and it helps your further workouts.