The best way of performing workouts with Higatrec


Higatrec is an electric training machine and completely controlled by sophisticated computer programs. You can perform various kinds of workout menus with Higatrec. Here Kazuo Higa, Our CEO and a professional trainer shows you how to train some classic workout menus himself.

1.Bench Press

In bench press with Higatrec we recommend you not to set up the top position too high. Set the top position before you stretch your arm completely.

2.Inclined Bench Press

Tips is the same as bench press. Don’t set up the top position too high.


A correct form is extremely important when you perform squat. If you aren’t experienced a lot we recommend you to have someone to watch and teach you a correct form.

4.Dead Lift

As squat a correct form is so important not to get hurt with your back.

Select the default bar position “high” for squat and “low” for dead lift. Not only is it easier for you to set up the bar position but the computer programs are also optimized for these workouts.

Select the default bar position with Higatrec

5.One-Hand Row

Normally this workout is done with dumbbells and called “One-Arm Dumbbell Row”. You can perform the workout of the same effect with Higartec. Use the bar as a dumbbell. Certainly the load weight increases when the bar comes down (in eccentric moves) and you can expect a high efficiency.
Select the “middle” from the default bar position. Actual position is as low as Dead Lift but the programmed power curve for the “middle” position would be better for this workout.

6.Donkey Kick

You kick backwards in this workout. You can expect a great load weight in eccentric moves.
As One-Hand Row the “middle” bar position is recommended. The programmed power curve for the “middle” position would be fitter for this workout.