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Hello, everybody. How are you doing?
CES 2020 started on 7th Jan. in Las Vegas NV. and now second day has just finished.

First we have to thank a lot of people have come to our booth and had some serious interest in our product, Higatrec. Also many of you have challenged and tried to experience our wonderful product and gave us a lot of feedbacks, which are all very helpful.

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We succeeded to pick up some serious business opportunities. This is exactly what we were looking for. Next week, when we go back to our own country we just sense a lot of exciting things would happen !

The exhibition continues two more days. If you are in Las Vegas just please come to our booth at Eureka Park.
Our booth address and other information is here.

Minute before the opening of the show. The preparation is underway like this.

Quite a few media people have visited our booth and some of them have experienced Higatrec.

We have met some unexpected people and had great chats with them as a result. We hope these leads would bring us up to the higher stage.

By the way as we posted the other day we have won CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree. The small-sized model of Higatrec is displayed at CES Innovation Award Showcase. Never forget visiting the site as well.
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