CES 2020 Completed


CES 2020 hall

Our exhibition at CES 2020 has finished on 10th Jan. 2020. Thank you for all who came to our booth ! We had a lot of valuable talks. So many people experienced our wonderful product, Higatrec and enjoyed themselves. Most of them were impressed and gave us great feed backs.

We found out a lot of people came to our booth after visiting Innovation Award Showcase. Because we had won Honoree award we were entitled to display a small model along with a video. That interested many people.
CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree Plaque

ces2020 innovation award showcase 01

ces 2020 innovation award showcase 03

The biggest target was to make contacts with our potential overseas business partners as many as possible. But we could talk with and about certain people who had some unexpected ideas. These things can happen at CES and that’s why this is an exciting opportunity. Now how can we proceed and make all these chances fruitful? We will have no time to rest and have to move on quickly.

 ces2020 4thday01

 ces2020 4thday02

We came up with more media people than we expected, which was really pleasing of course. We had a Swiss couple and they were such wonderful. The guy was a former weight lifting athlete and we want all of you to know their exciting and enthusiastic reaction to Higatrec. It was a great honor people like him praised our product and we are proud. If any of you have a chance to watch the report or program by them tell us how it is!

Finally we thank you all of you and hopefully we can see you again in CES 2021.
By the way our next opportunity to see you in America will be IHRSA event in San Diego in March 2020. It will start on 19th.
See IHRSA event in San Diego in March.