Business Partners Wanted


Our company is in Tokyo Japan. We are planning to sell our award winning product outside the country. Tha ‘s why we are seriously looking for business partners. If you are interested in importing and selling Higatrec in your market feel free to contact us. We hope to have great partnership!

Higatrec won the CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree. Our concept and actual product were rated highly. Actually during the exhibition we received countless praises. We believe Higatrec has a great future!
CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree Plaque

We are looking for business partners who will be able to share the vision and success. We put the U.S market as our top priority because we recognize this as the biggest market in the world. But certainly all the contact from other countries or regions are also welcome. Here we put some big examples.

Distributers / Dealers

You are the most welcome. Do you want to sell Higatrec in your region? We wait for your contact.
If you deal with export / import procedures we can’t be happier. If you don’t we will cooperate t and sort out.
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If you want to perform as an importer, absolutely no problem.
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Sales Agents

By the way we don’t have any distributers or dealers so we don’t have room to have sales agents. Please wait until we succeed to have one in your region.
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We are welcoming investment. Contact us first and we response quickly.
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Other partnership

If you have a factory in U.S or somewhere and build our machine over there this is going to help to reduce our costs and time. If you can make press working or machined parts cheaply this is going to be welcome.

If you are interested in doing business with us in other ways we are very happy to listen to and speak with you. Feel free to contact us anyway.
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Higatrec Nakameguro Gym 1

At this moment only one Higatrec is engaged. At gym of our CEO, Kazuo Higa located in Nakameguro, Tokyo Japan.
Actually this is not a showroom but you can come and see the product. You can also experience yourself. You only need to book in advance. Feel free to contact us. The address is at the bottom of page.
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Our next exhibition is IHRSA in San Diego held on 19th and 20th March 2020. You can experience Higatrec and talk about business stuff with us. We’ll be all happy to see you.
IHRSA Exhibition in San Diego.

ces 2020 experience 010803

All these information is as of today, Jan 17th 2020. Please allow us the situation will continuously change day by day.