Sales information – How to purchase Higatrec


Recently we receive quite a few inquiries about purchasing Higatrec. Thank you all. This is our situation at the moment of time. This is on 17th Jan 2020. Please allow us to change the conditions. Hopefully better for you.

We are accepting orders.

We are accepting the order of Higatrec now. The product is on build-in-order system and will be in the market as early as March 2020.

How to order Higatrec

You can place an order via email. We email you an order form in your request. Fill it and send it back to us. But we mind you please make sure the delivery date first before placing an order. Once we make sure we received the deposit from you your order is successfully accepted. We will keep in touch and notice you the delivery date or other important information as often as we can until the delivery is completed.

Delivery Date

At the moment the delivery is due to begin as early as in March 2020. If you place an order now your purchase will be delivered at the end of March. After that it’s up to how many backorders we have so when you give us inquiry for the first time we will answer the date roughly first.

Deposit and price

The price of Higatrec is 3,000,000 JPY (about 27,000 USD )and please pay the whole amount by bank transfer. Preferably we would like you to pay the whole 3,000,000 JPY in a lump but if you want to pay some portion of the total price as deposit and pay the rest later please ask us. We take care of each customers condition as much as we can.

Delivery and shipping

At first when your order is completed we inform you. If you haven’t paid full amount, yet please pay the rest first. We deliver after we have a confirmation all your payment done.

At this moment of today we can ship only by FOB. Tokyo or Yokohama. FOB means we deliver the product only to either of the port. All the custom procedures and shipping arrangement are all yours. Also you have to pay all the expenses or bills yourself. If you can’t deal with these procedures tell us. We could find some partners to complete these matters instead of you. But it could take some time.
We apologize for all these but it is all we can do today. We admit this is not good enough and will certainly work hard to improve the system in order that more customers can buy our wonderful product more easily and cheap.

Installing conditions

In order to install and use Higatrec on a daily basis your environment needs to meet some conditions. You need wi-fi and check the product size and weight.
See Specification Page.

You have to build the machine yourself. Two people may be required at least. The installation manual is going to be ready by delivery.

Warranty and support

Basically we offer no warranty. Supports are made through emails or chat. If you lose some bolts and nuts or wrenches we could send the spares. We apologize once again for our inadequate service level for the moment. We try to improve this, as well.


Higatrec Nakameguro Gym 1

At this moment only one Higatrec is engaged. At gym of our CEO, Kazuo Higa located in Nakameguro, Tokyo Japan.
Actually this is not a showroom but you can come and see the product. You can also experience yourself. You only need to book in advance. Feel free to contact us. The address at the bottom of page.
Contact form

Coming Exhibition

Our next exhibition is IHRSA in San Diego held on 19th and 20th March 2020. You can experience Higatrec and talk about business stuff with us. We’ll be all happy to see you.
IHRSA Exhibition in San Diego.

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