Higatrec takes off ! @ b-monster Haneda Int’l Airport Studio


Hello everyone. Today, 2020/7/22 no less than 5 higarecs start their operation at b-monster’s Haneda Airports Studio. Definitely they are all for you.
higatrec ready at b-monster's studio

In the Terminal 1 of Haneda Airports they have a space called “Haneda House” on the 5th floor. And b-monster, a fitness gym well-known its boxing-in the-dark-style has its studio. They have now renewed a part of the space and set up weight training space. Higatrec is the main act. 5 higattrecs are instilled and you can use them at your own will and go for your body making sincc 2020/7/22. We hope you can try and enjoy the most technologically advanced weight training machines here. Certainly you can experience the most highly efficient body making program.

Higatrecs are prepared and waiting for you!

You can purchase a Higatrec as an individual or for business purpose. If you are interested feel free to inquire. Also you try Higatrec at Nakameguro, Tokyo.
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