From Kazuo Higa

Hello everybody. My name is Kazuo Higa. I’m a professional trainer with more than a decade of a career. I studied about muscle under a famous professor at Tokyo University very hard when I was young. Higatrec is the great result of my hard work I can say. It’s based on the basic principle and theory about muscles, which is human muscles produce the bigger power in eccentric moves than in concentric. If you can lift 100kg up you can bear heavier weight than 100kg. Like 120kg, or 130kg. And our muscles grow faster when damaged more. However the conventional steel plates can only provide the same weight in any time, any movements, quite obviously.

This is one of the reasons why Higatrec has no more material loading but motors to produce the load weight instead. The motors are controlled by a computer program very delicately and precisely and you can always produce 100% of your power in both concentric and eccentric moves. Now you can expect higher efficiency than ever in strength training with Higatrec.

Eccentric: the motion of an active muscle while it is lengthening under load
Concentric: a type of muscle contraction in which the muscles shorten while generating force

Neuromuscular Adaptations to Work-matched Maximal Eccentric versus Concentric Training Maeo et al. 2018

Higatrec also sorted out an issue I’ve always had in mind. You can now save your training record precisely and review or use them easily on your smartphone. Higatrec is an IoT machine connected to the internet. It can save your setting data and training record such as the menu, the power you produced in number, the total out put force, and so on. Higatrec makes your strength training a few steps forward.

Throw the steel plates away Higatrec now gained other advantages.

  1. No assists required. You can train to your limit all alone.
  2. Higatrec gives an excellent safety.

Higatrec made strength training further forward and sorted a few issues out. I’m confident to say Higatrec is such an advanced training machine.