New Era of training

Higatrec making training way forward.

Higatrec is an outstanding training machine in both its concept and its advanced technology. This is endorsed by winning an Innovation Award in CES 2020.


No more plates. Electrically controlled. Absolutely unique training machine.

Higatrec has no more heavy plates. You don’t have to instill or remove plates before starting your workouts. Set up in a few seconds and no assists required. You can perform your workout perfectly all alone.

Fit in both manned and unmanned environment.

Higatrec always draws your 100% performance in either manned or unmanned gyms, or with or without trainers.

Great safety

Without plates you don’t have to have an assist around you during the workout. Having a few more safety measures Higatrec is very safe as a training machine. Enjoy your full workout all alone at 24hr gyms or hotel gyms.


Saving your setting data and training records.

You can register on Higatrec web service.

Saving your setting data

Your bar height or load weight can be saved once you set up. Next time you can load and use those data and you can start your workout even more quickly.

Saving your training record

Your training records are saved automatically. You don’t have to enter the numbers manually. The numbers are correct, as well. You can check all the training records on your smartphone afterwards. You can compare the past records and you can know your growth in numbers. These are all possible because Higatrec is an IoT machine.

3 characteristics of Higatrec, the technologically advanced training machine

Our company’s mission is ‘Providing the best efficiency in body making’. That’s why we threw the steel plates or the old way of methods all away. We instilled all the advanced concept and technology to invent Higatrec. It has some original and unique mechanisms. All for the best efficiency in body making.

Higatrec Electric Loading System
Our original mechanism to produce the load weight. Higatrec has two motors instead of steel plates. The motors are controlled by a sophisticated computer program.

Higatrec Dynamic Load Management
Your power changes during 1 set of workout or even in 1 rep. The intelligent computer system manages its loading sensibly and always draws your 100% power.

Higatrec Free Bar Positioning
You can set up the bar height in any position between its movable range. It’s between as low as 250mm from the ground to as high as 1,700mm. You can inevitably find the best bar position for you.